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One stop solution to all your Abroad Education &  Immigration related queries. 

Learn Something Every Day

Maven, established in October 2016 has now spread its wings to Delhi, Jaipur, Pali, Jalore and is
also coming up with some more cites as branches of MAVEN. In the journey of these 6 Years we
have Learnt, Grown and have been still on the process of gaining experiences and placing
The USP we have is we are not agents of the University/Colleges abroad, rather are the
consulates providing all the relevant information & bridging the gap of deserving Student to
deserving University.

Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

We love to teach and support our students dreams. We show them the correct path to achieve there dreams. 

Maven is one of the leading brands in Abroad Education Consultancy and Foreign Language
Training. We are the most trustworthy global study immigration providers with utmost privacy of
the Information provided to us by our students. More than 80% of our aspirants are through
word-of-mouth. We believe a satisfied student gets us at least 10 more students.
We ensure the quality standards, of the pedagogy of teaching and material both. A One Stop
Solution for all the needs of an abroad aspirant related to any or every query that they have. We
create bonding with the student and their families to develop enduring relations for lifetime.

Learn From The Best

We are one of the leading institutions. We provide the best out of the best service.

Learn at Your Own Pace

There is no pressure. You can learn as per your own convenience and pace.


We have a team of professionals. Who are 100% dedicated and passionate towards their jobs.